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Chains Gang (HOME) - Recruits and schedules parents on the team to hold the first down marker and chains on the sidelines during HOME games. Chain Gang must be on the same side of the field as their team – across the field from the stands.  It requires 3 people per game to run the chains (2) and downs marker (1).

Clock Operator (AWAY) – Operates the game clock when the team is the “away” team.  The clock operator must be an adult.

Field Representative (HOME) – On game days, when needed, helps prepare the field for the game. If the team has the first/last game of the day, the field representative should assist the Officer on Duty (OD) in setting up and returning the orange end zone pylons (8), goal post pads (2), chains and down markers. On Mustang Field, this includes setting up or returning the P.A. equipment and toggle box for controlling the scoreboard to the equipment room.  This needs to be coordinated with the O.D.

Game Announcer (HOME) – Announces Home games.  There will be a binder for each field which includes a roster of each team, including cheerleaders if applicable. The Announcer should read the Park Sponsors at least once during the game. This can be done during time outs or between quarters.  The Announcer should be non-biased and recognize the successes of both teams.

·         Try to announce each player’s name during the game. 

·         If the team has cheerleaders, announce the girls, by name, when they come out of on the field at half time.

·         You can play music, as appropriate, throughout the game. The music must be suitable for all ages.

Game Day Water Parent – If requested by the coach, ensure that water is available for players during the game. Some teams purchase a set of water bottles or provide a cooler and cups at the sideline. Also, depending on the coach, provide a healthy snack, such as oranges, for the players during and after the game.  This duty can be shared across all parents on the team.

Homecoming Liaison – Inform your team about all Homecoming events and coordinating money for raffle ticket sales, pre-paid dinner reservations and wrist bands.  This person will also volunteer to help on homecoming day where needed.  The Coordinator will be contacting the liaisons and setting a meeting date shortly. 

Recycle/Keep the Park Green Rep – Two times during the season, each league will be responsible for collecting the recycle bags and placing them in the designated area.  The recycle parent would get the replacement bags from the visitor locker room and ensure their team participated in the clean up before or after practice one night during that week.  Remind parents and players to clean up after themselves at practices and games; check for any equipment or personal items that the team may have left behind.  Remind players and coaches to check the sidelines for any debris left after the game.

Sponsorship Parent – Team sponsorships are not required this year. However, ACYA encourages each team to solicit sponsorships if possible. The sponsorship levels are set forth on the ACYA web site.  The sponsor could be a community business, employer or an establishment that you regularly patronize.  It could also be individual families from your team. 

Media Parent – Prints the roster and player contact information for each player’s family. 

Team Reporter – submits one article to the Dunwoody Crier and Brookhaven Buzz on your team’s assigned game.  This is done once in the season and a template will be distributed to help with the article.

Auxillary Volunteers

The Volunteer Auxiliary Board is a volunteer group that serves to support all efforts and events off the fields.  This is a great way to get involved and meet other football families.  A list of volunteer roles and descriptions is below.  We welcome all interested volunteers to be help make our program a great experience for the kids and their families!  

Roles and Descriptions:

Volunteer Coordinator – oversees all activities that fall under the Volunteer Auxiliary Board.  Ensures Board members are fulfilling their roles.

Opening Night Coordinator – oversees all aspects of Opening Night Events.  Can have a committee to support those efforts, if needed.

Homecoming Coordinator – oversees all activities associated with Homecoming Week.  Will have a committee comprised of representatives from each football team and cheer squad to support those efforts.

Team Parent Coordinators – leads the Team Parent meetings at the beginning of the season – distributing the Team Parent manuals at those meetings.  Acts as a resource throughout the rest of the season to the Team Parents.

Picture Day Coordinator – acts as a liaison between the photographer and team parents to ensure order forms are made available prior to team pictures.  Supports photographer as necessary but is not required to be in attendance of all team pictures.

Jersey Distribution Coordinator – coordinates the distribution of jerseys to the teams at the beginning of the season.  Also collects all volunteer lists from each team, ensuring all positions have been filled prior to receiving the team jerseys.

Trophy Coordinator – orders trophies for all teams (4 trophies per team) from vendor pre-approved by ACYA Board.  This is done around the end of September.

Sponsorship Support Coordinator – works with sponsors who have committed to ACYA to collect their logos, contact information, etc.  Actual recruitment of sponsors is overseen by position on ACYA Board. This work can be done mostly over email.

Media Coordinator -  updates FB and Twitter accounts for ACYA as directed by WA President and/or ACYA Board. Submits press releases to local papers as needed. Ensures Team Reporters are submitting their articles to the local papers as assigned.

Spirit Shed Coordinator - leads team and squad representatives to be sure Spirit Shed has an attendant every night or day activities are scheduled.


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